IFG Exelto NV: the company

For over more than 3 decades, IFG EXELTO® (formerly Domo Industries) has built up a solid reputation as a producer of high performance fibers.

Forming part of one of the major European textile groups, International Fibres Group (IFG), our company is well-known for the quality of its' products and the reliability of its' service. IFG EXELTO® is active in fiber technology, producing more than 35.000 tons of product annually.

From our production plants in Zwijnaarde (Belgium), where IFG EXELTO® Staplefibers is based, our products are distributed world-wide on a daily basis. Our wide-spread customer and product base has made us a resilient organization in todays' challenging market conditions, active in a broad quality portfolio.


Excellent service, continuous product innovation and quality in every single aspect, from order-intake to delivery, from research to market deployment ; these are the values that are illustrated every day by all our products and people.

Our customers can rely on flexibility and continuity at all times. Service is a value which we hold high : from order intake to fast shipment and worldwide delivery, our logistics team is ready to service any need. We want to guarantee our customers the best possible service in all markets where we are present.