International Fibres Group acquires Exelto NV

As of August 29th 2013, International Fibres Group (IFG), owned by the Swedish Bronsstädet Group, completed the acquisition of Exelto NV, a Belgian based polypropylene staple fibre producer.

IFG is the largest independent merchant producer of polypropylene staple fibres, and manufacture and supply products for the automotive sector, geotextile, floorcovering, industrial- and textile applications. The acquisition of Exelto is part of IFG´s long term strategy of further profitable growth, and IFG plans to use its position as the technical leader in polypropylene fibre production to build on Exelto’s highly efficient world class fibre production lines. The acquisition will give Exelto possibility to continue enhance its product portfolio by getting access to the knowledge, R&D and the strong positioning of IFG.

The acquisition of Exelto will bring IFG´s total production capacity to approximately 130 000 tonnes of staple fibres and 10 000 tonnes of filament yarns. IFG will by the acquisition of Exelto have three operating entities in Europe (Asota Ges.m.b.H., Drake Extrusion Ltd and Exelto NV) and one in the USA (Drake Extrusion Inc.).

In the past the industry has over time identified new areas of application for polypropylene staple fibres. We are convinced that as a result of the acquisition of Exelto with its strong capability, together with and accelerated investments in R&D, this will also be the case in the future and will lead to further widening of the global market for our products.

For any questions, please contact Lars Rutegård, Managing Director of International Fibres Group AB, at +46 (0) 8 120 510 60.