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Staple fibers

From 2,5 up to 500 dtex our PP staplefiber business unit is offering a wide range of products for applications in technical non-woven and floorcoverings markets. The BU focuses on joint developments with customers in the fields of carpet, construction, automotive and geotextiles.

Exelto develops and produces products for automotive, carpet, geotextiles, upholstery and various other markets. Since a number of years, the business units staple fiber (BU STF) has put renewed efforts on technical applications and much effort is put into the testing and development of new and specific fiber applications.

Today we enjoy an extensive knowhow in :

  • Additives like anti-oxidants, anti bacterias, flame retardants and UV-stabilizers
  • Low-melt & fibers
  • High tenacity fibers
  • Highly specialized fibers


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